Gold sparkle paints used for decorative effects


Description: Metallic is a high quality 100% pure acrylic, water base product with gold sparkle used for decorative effects such as(sponging, ragging, combing, marbleizing,………).


  • Easy to apply on all surface using specific tools to obtain the different decorative effects
  • Long workable time.
  • High Wash ability resistance (soap and water)
  • Color:- (Silver-Copper-Bronze)
  • Metal Sparkle Finish .
  • Environment friendly, lead free.

Instructions for use

1)Surface preparation:

  • Surface must be clean,free from oil,grease,dirt,………,etc.
  • Absorbent substrates should be moistened withe Alwaha sealer before putty.

2)Application steps:

  • Use sealer&primer Alwaha for priming purposes.
  • Alwaha putty to be applied without further additions.
  • Substrate should be sanded.
  • Put one or Two coat of Alwaha Semi-gloss or Alwaha eggshell (7%).
  • Apply Alwaha metallic as finish coat using right tool to get the chosen special effects

Application tools: Brush-Roller-plastic sheet-comb-cloth-rag

Spreading Rate: 10-15m2/l per coat (according to surface nature, chosen effect, style of painting).

Packaging: 0.25kg/0.5 kg/ 1kg

Storage & Shelf life: 18 months in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Category: Decoration Paints


Application Tools: Brush-Roller-plastic sheet-comb-cloth-rag

Packages: 0.25kg/0.5 kg/ 1kg

Storage & Shelf life: 18 months