We provide a High Specifications Products, by development of industrial solutions in line with market demand.

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The products of Alwaha in our customers’ hands, are the fruits of about two decades of hard and continuous work where our staff gained a great experience day by day and enhanced their skills by constant training and contacts with local and overseas experts.


WE MADE PAINTSthat stand out for their quality

Isolators and Protection

ALWAHA PAINTS Co. has been producing the best paints that used for insulating concrete & steel surfaces from water contact.

Water Paints

Water-based (or acrylic) paints have been used commercially for decades worldwide and their superior performance for long term decoration and protection is well proven. It’s Easy Application, Easy Application, Flexibility and Quick Drying.

Pastes and Rulrso

The perfect coat of paint requires more than just paint. ALWAHA PAINTS present a wide range of ancillary products to help your walls look their best. And to make it ready for any paints applications.

External Paints

ALWAHA Paints distinguished with producing top quality exterior textures,resistant to weather conditions, and provide a regular, decorative design & beautiful, homogeneous effect.

Oil Paints

It is one of the most important types of paints, to be performed two essential roles ; the first one is to give a tinge of beauty on the different surfaces and the other to protect them

Wood Paints

They form with architectural and decorative paints dual integration to provide the place sparkle aesthetically of refresh and comfort, as well as being an effective means to maintain the wooden surf

Industrial Paints

Due to the need to get rid of the problems faced by the tools, equipment and metallic devices, especially the problem of rust, we have sought to develop and produce various types of paints that are Constitute the most successful solution, and the highest efficiency, exposed him to the tools, equipment, metal and hardware, problems, thus contributing to prolong shelf-life and reduce maintenance costs

Decoration Paints

A package of decorative paints represent illuminated glints and constitute a harmonious color-impressive and unexpected manufactured paints as indispensable in finishes of various buildings and they

Thinners and Solvents

ALWAHA manufactures an array of finest types of harmless thinners use  for thinning paint products prior to the application that helps to protect the environment.

OUR PROUDWe are certified by:

iso_logoThe belief of the Directors, and keen to be highly competitive in the market of their products, in terms of quality and price has held that the application of an integrated management system to ensure its smooth running of production processes and the preservation of the work and the surrounding environment and the improvement and development environment for ongoing and this is already what has been through obtaining certificates of conformity to the requirements of international standards for quality and environmental ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 in 2008. It renovated during the beginning of the year 2016.

In an effort to be subject to the company’s products to an effective and lasting quality control sought Directors for a license to LQM_logouse quality Libyan so as to ensure continuity of product quality control is excellent according to the requirements of the standard specifications Libyan – regional – international force or binding inside the Libyan state and check to do so in 2013

ISO 9001

Libyan Quality Mark

ISO 14001


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