The logo & vision

The story of our new barnd!

ALWAHA NEW BRANDNew day, new expression

As a manufacturer of paints, it is our duty that we have the ability to create new colors every day, and in this sense, and in the year 2013 and after 24 years of working and building one of the founding of the oldest manufacturer Libyan companies, we have decided that we must renew of our identity.


After the Libyan market development in the last decade, competition has become a reality, and agents of international companies and local factories, the client has become a multi-front options. From here we want to make a new identity, a simple, clear, reflect the vision, and tell a story.

From here we launched a new identity with a new logo and branding vision, We call it:

New day, New expression


Alwaha term denotes “life and comfort” in the middle of nonexistence. It is a symbol of all industrial choices and diversity that our customer finds. It is also a symbol of all nice and many things that can be among his alternatives available in Alwaha for Paints.


Golden colour: It means that Libya is everlastingly connected to the sands and the desert. The golden sands of the Libyan desert, spreading all over it, make us inspire from this colour, the choice, to be our esteemed colour which gives us the feeling how this company connected to our nation “Libya”

Blue colour: This colour is one of the basic three visible colours which cannot be created from visual colours and has the power to release stress and anxiety. It also tranquilizes our nerve system and reveals nice dreams but dark blue reveals sovereignty and responsibility. The blue colour is the colour of our Libyan sky which is of constant purity and clarity and it helps in making the moon clear even in dark nights.


The internal symbols is a combination of the Arabic letter “W” and “W” in English which both compose the word “waha”. Both letters carry the symbolism of paint drops whose production depends on a mixture of a group of chemicals.

The external circle carries another symbol for the meaning of “Waha” oasis. As the term oasis is a place where life exists and completely surrounded by the sands of the desert. This means that our company business is surrounded by other competitors, challenging environment which gives our services a great significance in the world.