About Us, Our Ideas, Our Vision

Minds deeply thought, and souls suppressed to Allah, hands spent and hands produced!

Learn from history to build the future

ALWAHA PAINTS” Company for the manufacture of paints and pastes, is a Libyan joint-stock company specializing in the manufacture of paint, putty, pigments and isolators, the company specializes in the field of building and industrial paints, interior decoration services and the decorative wall paper.

The company was founded in 1989 as a small factory for the manufacture of pastes, now after a quarter-century from start of its work, ALWAHA become one of the largest Libyan companies in the paints industrial field.

We Care for our Work!

Before all these, Gracious Allah give us the opportunity to make our dream true, imagination also became reality, far off became closer. Our products and raw materials thereof continue in esteemed standards. Our plant started its operations in 1989 at the 7th Street, Souk Thulatha area, Tripoli city. The production processes started its cycle under the care of superintendents who keep into consideration the principles necessary to follow in paint industry, laying their hands on ambitious objectives, seeking implementing such aims saving no efforts for achieving what they look forward to.Some of the objectives are as follows:

  • Upgrading the level of paint industry through achieving high quality for customer’s satisfaction.

  • Achieving high financial status that enables the plant continuously develop.

Our VISION come with the DETERMINED

Upgrading the Level of Paint Industry in Libya

Alwaha storyThe Continue Evolving

In the first or basic stage, Alwaha Plant produced a group of paints and pastes and gained a great reputation in producing grafit and gwarsso which makes our marketing scope broaden due to the prominence of these two items. We consider this stage the second phase of the age of our plant.


By the beginning of 1997, we started setting a plan for expanding our plant strategies for adequating our production capacity. This plan had been implemented by the beginning of 1998 by mobilizing our plant’s premises to Benghashir area where we executed a new production line for metal containers by the beginning of 1999 for achieving integrated production processes. The plant was producing paints and filled them in its own containers which makes the plant more independent by using its own logo. This stage is considered the third phase of the age of our plant.


By the beginning of 2001, emulsion industrial paints and pastes have been increasingly produced both in quality and quantity of high standards for suiting customers’ needs. After this step demand for a professional laboratory has emerged for measuring the characteristics of the plant’s products, such as velocity, density and coverage. This laboratory has been opened in 2002.

By this step, we have set a map for scientific research for finding new formulas with higher qualities in the view of clean environment and avoiding any harms to the users of Alwaha products. Consequently, one of the strategies laid down the need for establishing colours’ centre in Tripoli and other cities for satisfying the needs of our customers for allowing more space for choosing more colours. Then we invented a bouquet of colours of three thousand items. This helped for better performance and sustainability of our products due to the use of high-standard quality of our raw materials.

The products of Alwaha plant, in our customers’ hands, are the fruits of about two decades of hard and continuous work where our staff gained a great experience day by day and enhanced their skills by constant training and contacts with local and overseas experts

Our Quality PolicyThe promise & The Trust

icon-guarantee-02It is the stated ALWAHA Company’s quality and safety policy that such products be designed, manufactured and marketed with the compliance with national and international standards, laws, regulations and specification, and which meet all requirements to complete company customers’ expectations and satisfaction.  To accomplish this goal, the company implements various elements to total quality management within the scope of organizational activities and under its business responsibility.

The management of ALWAHA Company considers itself committed to and involved in all efforts concerning the assurance of company products quality and safety, and shall implement and operate Quality and Safety Management Systems complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and other customer standards, performing in adherence with established procedures and promoting full understanding and compliance with customer stipulations.


The Company Management periodically reviews the system, and verifies system effectiveness and continuous compliance with the quality and safety requirements, objectives and goals. and also The Management is responsible to maintain and improve product quality and safety, with responsibility delegated to all company employees to apply the principle “Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility. And commits to provide the necessary training programs to raise the of its staff competencies and functional sufficiency