Decorations paint with a revolutionary formula


Description: Is a high quality transparent oil-based paint with a revolutionary formula that produces high thixotropic consistency upon tinting, also gives different types texture.


  • Long open time and extended workability time, which is essential for producing decorative techniques such as (sponging, ragging, combing   marbleizing)
  • alwaha glaze is thixotropic and even the 50% dilution do not effect
  • Anti- sag property
  • produces crisp sharp pattern selected
  • exceptional resistance to extreme weather condition and strong abrasion
  • washable
  • environment friendly, lead free

Instructions for use

1)Surface preparation:

  • Surface must be clean,free from oil,grease,dirt,………,etc.
  • Old painted surfaces should be cleaned first from all loose paint and other materials that can affect adhesion.
  • Absorbent substrates should be moistened withe Alwaha sealer before putty.

2)Application steps:

  • Use sealer&primer Alwaha for priming purposes.
  • Alwaha putty to be applied without further additions.
  • Substrate should be sanded.
  • Put one or two of Alwaha Zamalto “gloss or Matt”
  • Put Alwaha Glaze suitably collared, apply with right tool to get the chosen special effect, Dilution up to 1/2 with white spirit

Application tools: Sponge, brush .roller, comb, clothe

Spreading Rate: 15 to 20 m/kg per coat according to recommended dray film thickness From (30 to 40 micro)

Packaging: 350gm / 700gm.

Storage & Shelf life: 18 months in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Category: Decoration Paints


Application Tools: Sponge, brush .roller, comb, clothe…….etc.

Packages: 350 gm - 700gm

Storage & Shelf life: 18 months