QATERMENA (Rubber Bitumen Insulator)

Optimized Protection for all types of concrete..

QATERMENA (Rubber Bitumen Insulator)

Description: Is a bitumen emulsion water based reinforced with rubber slovent free for insulation works, it is brown color dries to very elastic proofing layer black highly resistant to water and moisture membrane..


  • Is thick homogeneous liquid cold applied.
  • It is very elastic and no cracking or flaking.
  • Dries to form a rubber elastic membrane impervious to damp and water and resistant to cold and heat from (-10 / 100oC)
  • Is highly resistant to all chemical action normally accurring in building structures..
  • Excellent adhesion into wet and dry surfaces.
  • As a vapour barrier for both above and below applications.
  • •  As general purpose damp proof coating for concrete.for concrete.

Instructions for use

  • Surface must be clean, free from oil, grease, dirt.. etc.
  • The first coat to be applied as priming coat (diluted 1:2) with fresh clear water.
  • Allow 8 or 12 hours to dry then apply 2-3 coat (diluted 10%)

Application tools: Brush-Roller.

Spreading Rate: 1.5kg/m2 (for 1 coat & give 750µm after dry)

Packaging:  20kg – 200kg

Storage & Shelf life: 12 months in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Category: Isolators & Protection

NAME: QATERMENA (Rubber Bitumen Insulator)

Application Tools: Brush-Roller

Packages: 20kg - 200kg

Storage & Shelf life: 12 months