LAOEN System

Choose your colors without limits...

Our creative system for choosing of colors

Laoen system from ALWAHA Paints is a new service that gives you great potential and many to choose your favorite color of paint formations of ALWAHA. Laoen is a service and concession obtained by each client when a visit to a Goods distribution of the company, through it will not pick a color, but also the ability to control all degrees of this color, and other select “quantity, type,” in addition to the advice and guidance from the experts oasis for each client you want to paint it.


ALWAHA  provides you with Laoen a wide range of proposals that you may find in this booklet or other, and make sure that you are not restricted only to these colors, you can modify in every color of this combination and re-focus or relaxed, colors_wheelor even mixed with any color Others want to invent. Laoen is “consulting and advice and experience” can with it to save yourself, and make your own, and create your own every color you dream about it, and all Views you want, simply because it gives you what it is not limited, and gives you the prospects were not present.

Nature Inspiration Infinity number of selected colors as desired


Let's paint with Laoen!

Laoen is not a machine to mix the colors specified a certain number of them, not the color range of options for color print of numbers and codes, Ltd., it is not the Purchase only,,, it is much more.


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