ZMALTO (High Gloss)

Gloss alkyd paint solvent

ZMALTO (High Gloss)

Description: Al waha zamalto gloss is a gloss alkyd paint solvent base containing highly selected pigments and additives.


  • For interior and exterior.
  • good hiding power
  • can be painted over: wood, soft and hard board, mild steel
  • Washable
  • Exceptional resistance to extreme weather condition and strong abrasion
  • Environment friendly, lead free
  • Color: – (white-black- grey-brown-green-sky blue –blue-yellow-red- orange)

Instructions for use

1)Surface preparation:

  • Surface must be clean, free from oil, grease, dirt, etc.
  • On painted substrate: – wash and leave to dry, make sure that old paint are not loose before preparing the substrate

2)Application steps:

  • On ferrous metals: – use primer alwaha before applying al waha gloss.
  • ON soft and hard board
  • Use sealer alwaha for priming purposes.
  • Alwaha putty to be applied without further additions.
  • Substrate should be sanded and then apply al waha zamalto gloss

IN CASE OF USING BRUSH OR ROLLER: First coat: dilute with 15% white spirit, Second coat: dilute with 5% white spirit

IN CASE OF USING SPRAY-GUN: Dilute with 10-15% white spirit

Application tools: Brush –roller- spray gun.

Spreading Rate: 11 to 13 m/kg per coat according to recommended dray film thickness – From (30 to 40 micro)

Packaging:  800gm /  3kg

Storage & Shelf life: 18 months in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Product certificates

Category: Oil Paints

NAME: ZMALTO (Gloss White)

Application Tools: Brush –roller- spray gun.

Packages: 800gm / 3kg

Storage & Shelf life: 18 months