The paint Number ONE in Libya market..


Description: Alwaha Latex  high quality plastic paint ,suitable for Exterior & interior surface and conformable for Libyan standard specification no (455/2009).


  • Bright White
  • High spreading rate.
  • High strong adhesion.
  • Gives a beautiful bright surface without glossiness.
  • Environment friendly, lead free.

Instructions for use

1)Surface preparation:

  • Surface must be clean, free from oil, grease, dirt… etc.
  • Old painted surfaces should be cleaned first from all loose paint and other materials that can affect adhesion.
  • Absorbent substrates should be moistened with Alwaha sealer before putty.

2)Application steps:

  • Use sealer & primer Alwaha for priming purposes.
  • Alwaha putty to be applied without further additions.
  • Substrate should be sanded and then apply the Galaxy paint.
  • The use of a sealer-primer alwaha after puttying and before painting is recommended in order to increase spreading rate of finish paint.
  • Mix alwaha Latex thoroughly before application, thinned with clean water up to a maximum of 10% .

Application tools: Brush-Roller.

Spreading Rate: 10-12m2/kg (according to surface nature).

Packaging:  20kg

Storage & Shelf life: 18 months in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.


Product certificates


Category: Water Paints


Application Tools: Brush-Roller

Packages: 20kg

Storage & Shelf life: 18 months